It is our pleasure to introduce the second woman to receive a full scholarship

Yeymi_1-3Please meet Yeymi Ignacia Sumoza Tay. She was born in San Juan la Laguna de Atitlán, Guatemala. Yeymi is 24 years old, and has a beautiful, five year old daughter. She is Tzutujil, one of the 21 Mayan ethnic groups that dwell in Guatemala. She endured domestic violence, is now a single mother, and considers herself a survivor of this social problem that haunts her community. She views her experiences in a positive light as they define who she is and are giving her the strength to fight for what is right and to make a better life for her daughter.

She started working toward a degree in social work, but had to postpone her studies due to a lack of funds. She chose social studies because she believes in her ability to support and help change the lives of other women. She is a flexible, innovative woman who is responsible, eager to improve herself, punctual, honest, and establishes clear goals and objectives.

She currently collaborates with various organizations that work with women and youth programs, and her participation is completely voluntary and provides her with a deep sense of contributing to her community. She loves what she does and will fight to fulfill her dreams. Her moto is that every time you overcome a hardship you get closer to achieving your true goal in life.

Yeymi_2-1A group of University of South Florida St. Petersburg MBA students decided to use the funds they raised to support Yeymi’s degree work. Thank you DeAnna Anderson-Marshall, Forrest Feld, Vanessa Ferrer, Christine Kramer, Andrew Odell, Glen Ross, Vanessa Thompson, Jeneca Willis for your generosity.