Who we are

Karin Braunsberger, Ph.D.

Karin was born in Germany, has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Marketing, taught in Morocco, is a Professor of Entrepreneurship in Florida, and has traveled extensively.

Her expertise is in consumer behavior, entrepreneurship and sustainable business development, education, and human/animal relationships.

Karin is a social activist, helped found 3 non-profits and a for-profit business that supports women weavers in Guatemala, and rescues unwanted dogs and cats.

Vanessa Ferrer

Vanessa grew up in a traditional Cuban family in Hialeah, Florida. She has a degree in Accounting and an MBA from the University of South Florida St Petersburg, and has worked as a Tax Accountant for over 13 years.

Her expertise is in Domestic, International and State and Local Tax, Accounting Systems, business planning, and process improvement.

Vanessa has been involved in community service since a young age and was raised in a home that placed great emphasis on giving back and helping those that are underprivileged. She spent most of her youth volunteering with organizations focused on helping children and at-risk youth.

Richard Flamm, Ph.D.

Richard grew up near Boston, earned a Ph.D. in Entomology at Texas A&M Univ., worked at Oak Ridge National Lab. before moving to Florida to research manatees.

Dr. Flamm’s expertise spans Geographic Information Systems, ecology, conservation marketing, organizations, collaborative decision making, bunnies, dogs, & cats.

Richard is a member and activist in his local union representing state employees in Florida. He is also active in social causes, volunteers at an animal shelter, & rescues animals from the street.